Cameron Smith

Cameron is a proud Little Rock native who has been working in the health and wellness field for more than four years. During the majority of that time, he has been involved in client transformation through personal training. A vital member of the training team, Cameron’s scholastic and practical knowledge of sports related injuries, makes him an ideal trainer for clients who need specially crafted training plans based on previous injuries.

A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Cameron obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and minored in Nutrition. In addition to training clients after injuries, he also has vast knowledge of exercise and its relationship to balanced nutrition. Cameron believes that a complete training regiment must include replenishing the body with property nutrients and committing to a balanced diet.

Cameron is certified through the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers and currently pursuing additional education in the field of sports medicine. Cameron specializes in women’s health, post rehabilitation recovery and sport-specific performance for athletes. He enjoys training small groups and sessions with clients of all ages and fitness levels. His skill set, education and hunger to learn, makes him a welcome addition to our team.