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Personal Training Studio

Why Join?


We realize that our clients keep coming back because they see results. At A Kick Above, we get results based on our scientific approach to fitness, and personal attention to your fitness and nutritional needs.

A Kick Above is not your average gym.

A Kick Above is a personal training studio. It’s all we do. Our focus is on personal training in private and semi-private sessions only. We take the guesswork and intimidation out of fitness, and offer you a supportive and structured environment that allows you to focus on your goals. We put the attention back on you and away from dozens of other clients who may be in a commercial gym setting.

Adopt a lifestyle change.

At A Kick Above, we know that getting fit is a combination of exercise and proper nutrition. Our fitness professionals work hard to design plans that help you learn how to reach your goals and teach you how to get fit while making smart eating choices. We hold you accountable, while giving you the tools and training you need to get the results you want.